The easiest and least expensive dental care is preventive dentistry. It is much more than just flossing and brushing! Dentistry Today patients receive professional counsel on damaging conditions such as stress from bite and misalignment of teeth, gum disease, diet, athletic mouth guards, whitening systems, the newest dental research, and much more. Our patients are VIP- Very Informed Patients.

Your twice yearly dental cleaning is a preventive procedure provided to polish the enamel surfaces of your teeth, so that sticky bacterial plaque will resist adhering to it. Regular teeth cleanings prevent gingivitis, infection of soft tissue, and help promote whiter and healthier teeth.

The first step to excellent dental care and oral health is a thorough examination. Our modern digitial X-ray gives us instant detailed images with 60% less radiation than older machines. Your X-rays can then be viewed on the big-screen TVs in each treatment room so you can see what your doctor sees as they discuss with you the recommendations for your dental care.

Our tiny digital intra-oral camera gives detailed magnified pictures of your teeth for a more accurate diagnosis. Along with conventional photography, our doctors can view these images with you on our big-screen monitors as the doctor analyses and explains what has been found. Then you choose a treatment plan suitable for your situation and budget. The doctor will also give you recommendations on how to best prevent any future dental problems and expenses.